Vol 4, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

Academic Library Staff and eReaders: Understanding Adoption, Rejection, and Service Development PDF
Uta Hussong-Christian, Jane Nichols, Laurie M. Bridges, Evviva Weinraub Lajoie 1-22
Undergraduates and Topic Selection: A Librarian‚??s Role PDF
Kacy Lundstrom, Flora Shrode 23-41
Increasing Library Usage Through FOSS Solutions: Two Case Studies From Zimbabwe PDF
Rosalie Lack, Simon Ball, Amos Kujenga, Yeukai Chimuka, Tendai Mataranyika, Darlington Musemburi 42-53
The Academic Library: Cowpath or Path to the Future? PDF
Verlene (Vee) Herrington 54-68

Innovative Practice: Reports from the Field

Filling in the Information Literacy Blank: Developing a Library Orientation for Incoming Community College Students PDF
Monica Twork 69-77
External Communications and Promotions: The University of Regina Library Experience PDF
J Michael Shires 78-100
‚??What Would I Tweet?‚?Ě: Exploring New Professionals‚?? Attitudes Towards Twitter as a Tool for Professional Development PDF
Michelle Dalton 101-110
Using Team-Based Learning in an Online, Asynchronous Information Literacy Course PDF
Allison Hosier 111-121
Young Adult Literature in the Academic Library PDF
Kathy Yoder, Kellie Tilton 122-133
Rethinking Roles: Librarians and Faculty Collaborate to Develop Students‚?? Information Literacy PDF
Diane VanderPol, Emily A. B. Swanson 134-148


Web Analytics Strategies for Information Professionals: A LITA Guide PDF
Beth Bradley 149-150
The Librarian‚??s Nitty-Gritty Guide to Social Media PDF
Katherine Bertel 151-152
Mob Rule Learning: Camps, Unconferences, and Trashing the Talking Head PDF
Wilfred Drew 153-155

ISSN: 1947-525X