The Future of Student Affairs is Dependent on Choosing Roads Less Traveled

Steven J. Tyrell, Charles Fey


The authors provide a critique of the report from the 2010 Task Force on the Future of Student Affairs and provide recommendations for future changes in the profession not found in the 2010 report. The authors also note that the 2005 study of ACPA memberâs interests in developing knowledge competencies and skills sets indicate professionals may be at a different place than what professional associations currently offer. The authors provide a critique of some of the professional development opportunities offered by professional associations and proposes some alternatives to how these programs are approached in the profession.


Reference citation: Tyrell, S., & Fey, C. (2011). The future of student affairs is dependent on choosing roads less traveled.  CSPA-NYS Journal of Student Affairs, 11(1), 17-36.   


Student Affairs, professional development, fragmentation of research, professional competencies

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