The Adaptable Cycle of Engagement: A Win/Win Model for the Library

Sheryl Kaye


As libraries face greater financial challenges while redefining their roles, public engagement has been put forth as one way to address both concerns. In fact, such efforts have produced solid results for many libraries, even when not following a clear path with a well-defined outcome. Administrators believe in the concept, but sometimes lack a foundational understanding of how public engagement works. This paper's author spent several years as a published journalist and business consultant observing and analyzing the ways in which companies utilize public engagement and the manner in which these campaigns resulted in tangible profits. The author then developed a paradigm called the Adaptable Cycle of Engagement (ACE) in order to offer a model for successful implementation of such an agenda. This paper defines that system in detail, showing step by step how public engagement works to ultimately bond the community to the library, enhance library offerings to patrons, and enable the library to reap financial rewards.


Library; Public Engagement; Social Media; Budgets; Return on Investment; Community; Patrons; Bonding; Progressive Steps; Adaptable Cycle

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ISSN: 1947-525X