Public and Academic Library Collaboration Through an Anime and Comics Enthusiasts Convention (ACEcon)

Paula J. Knipp, Karen R. Walker, Kiki Durney, Jorge E. Perez


Comic conventions have become a part of popular culture throughout the last decade, and libraries have capitalized on reaching out to this sector. The Palm Harbor Library (PHL) in Palm Harbor, Florida and St. Petersburg College’s (SPC) Tarpon Springs campus library teamed up to offer a two-day event named the Anime and Comics Enthusiasts Convention (ACEcon) that aimed to bridge their communities together with three central goals: increasing visibility of the institutions, educating the local community, and establishing the libraries as places of interest. This paper discusses how this informal partnership began, the benefits of an academic and public library partnership, and ideas on how this concept could be improved for future events.


Library cooperation; Comic books; Anime; Manga; Collaboration; Public Libraries; Academic Libraries; Libraries & Community; Library cultural programs; ACEcon; Anime and Comics Enthusiast Convention;

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ISSN: 1947-525X