Rethinking Roles: Librarians and Faculty Collaborate to Develop Students? Information Literacy

Diane VanderPol, Emily A. B. Swanson


Librarians at Westminster College developed and implemented a yearlong faculty and staff professional development experience using ACRL?s ?Information Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education as a framework. Traditionally, fostering student mastery of selected standards is perceived as the librarians? job while other standards are thought to fall primarily under the purview of the teaching faculty. In particular, librarians are hesitant to address some of the more complex learning outcomes in standards three and four, such as the students? ability to synthesize and use information to develop new knowledge. These information literacy components fall into a no man?s land between the generally accepted roles for librarians and teaching faculty. This article describes the experience of librarians at Westminster College leading a faculty and staff Learning Community that addressed these information literacy elements. We share our observations and insights along with the readings and activities that made up the syllabus for the Learning Community.


information literacy; faculty collaboration; ACRL Standards; workshop; learning community; ACRL Standard Four; ACRL Standard Three; professional development

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ISSN: 1947-525X