External Communications and Promotions: The University of Regina Library Experience

J Michael Shires


This case study documents how a structured group of library staff coordinates external communications and promotions activities at the University of Regina, a mid-sized liberal arts, publicly funded, post-secondary institution in Western Canada. The paper discusses the value of having promotions activities tied to objectives in a libraryâs strategic plan. There is a discussion about promotions strategies undertaken within the library, with other academic and administrative units on campus, and with organizations off campus. Implementing an undergraduate library award has been the most ambitious project and, along with purchasing branded promotions items, has required the most funding. The author illustrates how library staff, having little or no promotions experience but possessing creativity and a desire to inform and collaborate, can run a successful external communications and promotions program.


promotions strategy; academic libraries; Canada; library research award for undergraduate students; case study

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ISSN: 1947-525X