And So It Is Written: Supporting Librarians on the Path to Publication

Helen Fallon


This article describes a program developed to support Irish academic librarians writing for publication. While writing support programs for faculty are well established, this is the first formal writing program specifically for librarians in Ireland or the United Kingdom. The program comprises three elements: a one-day workshop, an optional peer-feedback day, and an academic writing blog. The one-day workshop focuses on the craft of writing, identifying appropriate publishing outlets, knowing audience and purpose, and developing the confidence to âput work out there.â Participants are encouraged to attend a peer-feedback day to give and receive feedback on their work. The value of looking outside the literature of librarianship for publishing opportunities and for collaboration with colleagues is stressed. The benefits of writing support programs are identified and some American models are described. Guidelines for establishing writing support programs are offered.



academic writing; publishing; writing intervention; writing support program; librarians

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ISSN: 1947-525X