Assessment on the Go: Surveying Students With an iPad

Jennifer L. Jones, Bryan Sinclair


Ongoing assessment in academic libraries, particularly the measurement of student perceptions, preferences, and satisfaction, can be a challenge to schedule and execute.  This paper describes a pilot project at Georgia State University Library that combined assessment with the portability of the tablet computer.  A tablet computer--in this case, Appleâs iPad--loaded with survey software became a digital clipboard with the added benefit of automatic data compilation.  Subjects were surveyed quickly in the library buildings, maximizing convenience for both subjects and researchers alike.  The result was a model that other libraries, as well as campus student services divisions and classroom instructors, can easily adopt.  Methodology, benefits, lessons learned, and ideas for future projects are discussed.


academic libraries; assessment; surveys; user satisfaction; tablet computers; Apple iPad

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ISSN: 1947-525X